Ron McCormick

Licenced Massage Therapist

Ron McCormick is the owner of RonsRub Massage Salt Lake at Ron has been practicing massage therapy for over 12 years and that practical experience in massage therapy has won him a rich reputation as the best massage therapist in Salt Lake City.

Ron served his country in the military and has a strong focus on personal fitness. Ron’s strong body and mind and his sensitive touch enable him to make massage not just a science but an art as well. Ron has a regular training routine to keep him in top physical condition. He is known for his strong yet gentle sensitive hands with which gives the best massage in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ron practice is his life and he operates his massage therapy business out of his home as his full time income. This cozy home atmosphere is part of the charm of Ron’s Rub Massage Salt Lake.

Ron’s strong hands are almost a trademark of his business. They are one of the things that make him unique in the massage industry in Salt Lake City. They also keep his customers coming back to get that special touch that only Ron can provide. If you’ve never had a massage by Ron McCormick you wont want to wait call him today and schedule the massage of your lifetime at Ron’s Rub Massage Salt Lake. Visit his contact and rates page for current details.

One of Ron’s passions is skydiving which draws on his military strength and background. When Ron isn’t giving one of his famous Salt Lake massages, you are likely to find him taking someone on a tandem skydive. Naturally, Ron maintains a personal focus on fitness which keeps his hands and body strong for both massage and skydiving. Ron has a substantial clientele who continually return for the best massage in Salt Lake.


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