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Here are some testimonials from some of the clients of Ron's Rub Massage Salt Lake. If you would like to add your testimonial to this page please contact with the information so we can add it to the page.

"I chose Ron's Rub based on a testimonial posted on his website and I can honestly say that he definitely lives up to his reputation as the best massage therapist in Salt Lake City. Ron's skill and dedication to the art and science of massage are clearly evident in the 90+ minute session I had recently following a four-day ski trip. His ability to diagnose "trouble areas" and methodically release them is truly therapeutic. His technique and persistence is like any craftsman who has pride in his work, always focused on getting the best results from his efforts. After the session, I felt like I had brand new shoulders and a less tense back.
Thanks, Ron for your hard work!" — Wayne Pan, San Francisco CA

"I've had a number of opportunities to get worked on by Ron at Ron's Rub Massage Salt Lake and it has always been great. Of all the massage therapists that I have had work on me, Ron is by far my preferred massage therapist is Salt Lake. Ron not only knows the science of massage but he has also developed the art of massage as well. I would recommend Ron at Ron's Rub Massage Salt Lake to anyone, it's worth it!" — Karl Bennion, Salt Lake City, UT

"Ron's expertise in trigger point therapy really helped me. I have trouble with muscles that cramp and get tight and they will stay tight for days or weeks. I found Ron because I put trigger point therapy into my search on the web and he popped up. It was obvious that he knew exactly what he was doing and he understood my problem. He was very sensitive to my modesty and a genuinely pleasant person to converse with. He completely put me at ease and gave me an excellent massage. I would highly recommend him and would definitely go back." — Paula, Spokane, WA


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